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About Red Falcon Security

The company continuously focuses its efforts to better understand and anticipate customer needs in order to provide complete satisfaction to our clients by providing enhanced security to their property and lives.

Contract security guard services provided by Redfalcon Sercurity will ensure your safety and well-being. If you own a business, we will ensure the protection of your office building. If you own or manage a gated community, our security guards will provide peace of mind for your residents. Eagle security officers are trained to provide the services and protection you need from a professional security company.

Our Security Agency has a good rapport and deep liaison with the Government Departments viz: -Police, Excise, Tax, ESI, EPF, Laborers and Factories. Also we have contacts with all political parties on need basis to succeed our goal. The company's specific duty is to provide consistent world class flair and security services to its customer's.

Out of his social concern is to provide security and safety to people of all strata,rich and average people all alike,according to their needs,at an affordable price,but with all the commitment and integrity unmatched.

Service with a heart or making living spaces beautiful would remain hollow words without sound systems and processes. In fact, the heart of making living spaces beautiful is made possible through our adherence to robust systems and processes.