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Our Services

Sercurity Services :

Redfalcon security appreciates the security risks particular to manufacturing plants and industrial facilities, such as theft and pilfering, counterfeiting, sabotaging, trespassing, activist disruption, vandalism and contamination. Proactive security efforts dramatically reduce your facility's vulnerability and helps protect your people, reputation and assets. Our personnel are prepared to meet your high expectations for site security management and will help limit your facility's risk and liability. While every facility is different, they can all benefit from enhanced identification verification for access, visible checks of all vehicles and packages, increased perimeter security and a heightened awareness of people or events that appear out of the ordinary.

We deals with Everykind of platforms like :


 Special Event Sercurity


 Bank / Atm Security



 Shopping Complex

 Hotel Industries

 CCTV Security System



Detective Agency :

OUR SERVICES include information about individuals and organization gathered from reliable sources through discreet channels, character verification and business surveys (Competitive Strength, Solvency etc)

Our Services Include :

 Pre Matrimonial

 Post Matrimonial


 Teenagers Monitoring

 Tracing of missing person and debtors


 Cheating,Fraud's and Blackmailing Monitoring

 Employment Screening

 Civil,Criminal,legal and property

 Asset Verification


 Trade Marks and Patent Rights

 Industrial Espionage


 Laisoning with police department

 Advocate Panel

 NRI Services

 Out Detective Services

 MWDA functions round-the-clock without any holidays.

House Keeping :

We totally understand. Our Cleaning Services is dedicated to serving Chennai city residents only. We offer many services to assist the busy career professional or student. We are fully licensed and insured but, most important we are affordable!

The price is determined by the size of the place , length of time spent , the current condition of the home , how much work is specified to be done , in how long the cleaning will take to get done and other factors. will be happy to accommodate you.

 House Cleaning

 Offices Cleaning

 Apartment & complexes

 Post-party cleaning

 Post-construction Cleaning

 Move-ins & Move-outs Cleaning

 Meeting rooms cleaning

 Cleaning Entry Door & Windows Cleaning

 School Cleaning

 Restaurant Cleaning

 Hotel Cleaning

 Banks Cleaning

 Commercial Cleaning Services

 Car Washing



ManPower Recruitment :

Redfalcon security has developed the expertise to deliver world class professionals and service to our Clients. We along with our partners have a team of placement professionals who are experienced in handling the job requirements of potential employees and recruitment needs of employers across several sectors.

  Trusted HR provider to several Fortune 500 multinationals.

  Capable of delivering the full spectrum of HR needs accros the organisational hierarchy

  High quality and cost effective services

  Quick turnaround time.

  Wide network of offices covering a population base of over 900 million people.

  Certified and recognized by the Indian government.

  Regional group office in the Middle East to support client projects.